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Is it safe to drink tap water?

It's not uncommon for discussions to arise these days on whether bottle is a better choice of water. As concerns around contamination and questionable supply tend to spark arguments, Australians (and...

How much water is too much water?

We know we need it, we know we love it. Get lost in the desert for the day and you’ll sell your mother for a glass of sky juice.   So can you ever have too much water?   Turns out...

Alkaline water? Is it ok to drink each day?

Alkaline water is right on trend at the moment with experts and celebs extolling its remarkable health benefits when compared with sparkling water, filtered water or tap water. And it’s easy to ...

What being water-bound means for Icelandic history and culture

For centuries, humanity has always explored ways to increase the longevity of our lifespans – be it in medical terms or spiritual senses. In some areas of the world, this has happened to some...

Getting your kids to drink more water

It can be a struggle for us as adults to drink as much water as we should. Even though it’s a fundamental part of our wellbeing, it’s still hard to swallow down your eighth glass of the...

Alkaline water: the benefits for your skin

Alkaline water has been dominating the health and fitness world for a while now, but what is the hype all about – and is it true?   Regular water has a pH of around 7, putting it right...

How much alkaline water should I be drinking per day?

The alkaline bottled water trend is so hot right now – celebrities and health gurus alike are endorsing its benefits over filtered and tap water. But it’s more than just a health craze...

Naturally vs artificially alkaline water: Why you should choose natural.

Drinking alkaline water can have some fantastic health benefits, including reducing acidity at a cellular level, regulating your pH levels, slowing down the ageing process and protecting you from...

Filtered vs Alkaline water.

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between natural, premium alkaline water and filtered or bottled water, read on.   You’ve probably heard the old advertising slogan,...

5 health benefits of alkaline water you probably didn’t know

Celebrities swear by alkaline water, crediting it with a raft of benefits, including making them look younger, feel more alert, have more energy and get fewer illnesses. But why is it so much better...