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5 health benefits of alkaline water you probably didn’t know


Celebrities swear by alkaline water, crediting it with a raft of benefits, including making them look younger, feel more alert, have more energy and get fewer illnesses. But why is it so much better than tap water or regular bottled waters?

It’s all got to do with pH balance – a sliding scale from 0 to 14 that tells you how acidic or alkaline a substance is (i.e. 1= highly acidic; 14 = highly alkaline; 7=neutral). Alkaline water is less acidic than typical tap water —it has a pH over seven, giving it a lower concentration of hydrogen ions, while acidic beverages like black coffee, vinegar and orange juice have varying pH under seven.

And while acid is essential to our bodies – it helps our stomachs digest our food and supports the gut to eradicate foreign antibodies, too much can also harm the good bacteria in our body that supports efficient immune system function and keeps us feeling balanced.

Let's take a look at five extraordinary health benefits of alkaline water you may not have heard about:

  • 1.
    Decrease the pain of acid reflux. Our current dependence on processed foods and refined sugars has increased our gastric acid levels, leading to more problems with acid reflux and the destruction of good gut bacteria that helps keeps disease at bay. According to a study in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, sipping alkaline spring water that has a pH level of 8 or 9 helps keep acid levels in your stomach and gut stable, creating severe discomfort. It works to reduce a food protein cannibalising enzyme called pepsin that thrives in highly acidic systems and promotes the perfect conditions for reflux.
  • 2.
    Lose the pounds. Alkaline water can bind to metal toxins sometimes present in tap water that cause metabolic imbalances. As they fill our tissues, they can hoard fat cells, creating greater acidity and allowing inflammation to thrive. This, in turn, can promote increase fat around the torso. By drawing these toxins from our tissues and helping to send them to our livers for filtering, alkaline water naturally helps to rid our body of the inflammation directly responsible for gut fat.
  • 3.
    Keep your heart healthier. Research shows those who consume more water have less risk of coronary heart attack or cardiovascular disease. Drinking five glasses of natural alkaline water a day reduces high blood pressure, obesity and cholesterol, all linked to cardiovascular problems. So, don't forget to drink up to keep your heart pumping strongly!
  • 4.
    Ban those headaches. Dehydration is a known cause of severe headaches, so it makes sense to drink more water. If you find the recommended six glasses a day too tricky, alkaline water can help – it dramatically boosts hydration because its compact water clustering delivers more of the good stuff to your body faster.
  • 5.
    Slow down, Father Time. Featuring a bevy of anti-oxidants, natural bottled alkaline water helps target and diffuse the harmful free radicals that play havoc with your ageing process. It gives more back to your body, ensuring your organs, brain, tissues and cells have precisely what they need to function better for longer, which in turn makes you look more youthful and feel more energised.

Choose the purest water in the world. Discover the benefits of alkaline water for yourself.