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Alkaline water: the benefits for your skin


Alkaline water has been dominating the health and fitness world for a while now, but what is the hype all about – and is it true?


Regular water has a pH of around 7, putting it right in the middle of the pH scale. Alkaline water, however, is more basic than regular water, having a pH level of around 8 or 9. This water is also rich in alkalising ingredients such as calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate. It essentially stops your pH from becoming too acidic and has a range of benefits for your body – particularly for your skin.


So, read up on the most significant benefits alkaline water can have on your skin, below.


A more youthful appearance


When it comes to maintaining the pH within your body, your skin can often be the first sign of any potential problems. As you get older and your skin ages, it loses elasticity and collagen – the two main elements which keep it all looking firm, hydrated and free of wrinkles.


Because alkaline water balances your body’s pH level, it helps your skin better absorb the essential nutrients it needs to stay hydrated. Maintaining this level of hydration and a healthy pH means your skin will thank you for it long-term.


Those who consistently drink alkaline water often note they experience a brighter, more youthful appearance; as a result, making it a pivotal benefit to taking advantage of. Beyond this, it supports the body in creating a more healthy level of hydration and rejuvenation across the board.


It fights acne


Alkaline water is also pretty handy at removing toxins from your body effectively. As it’s also jam-packed full of antioxidants, it works to get rid of the excess bacteria in your body that causes acne and breakouts. Some people even report that washing your face with alkaline water reduces blemishes and pimples overall.


If you’ve tried everything on your skin and you’re not sure where to turn next, this can often support improving the appearance of blemishes that haven’t budged to date.


It’s considered a ‘miracle water’


Acidic content has a severe impact on your overall health, especially when it comes to your skin. Your body continually works to get rid of this, but sometimes needs a bit of extra support to do so.


Drinking alkaline water can help rid toxins when the body is struggling to eliminate them efficiently. In turn, this stops these nasties from making their way to your skin and impacting its appearance and heal. While long-term acidity can cause various skin issues and allergies, alkaline water can support cells in repairing and rejuvenating themselves. 


Where to buy alkaline water


While there’s plenty of options on the market, it’s important to keep an eye out for quality-driven products. Look out for those that position themselves as premium water, like the options available on our website – these products are designed to be a natural resource that’s healthy, affordable and ready to order online.


Looking to buy alkaline water but not sure where to start? Get in touch with the Better Choice Beverage Co. on (03) 9734 8753 for a no-obligation discussion on the many options we have available.