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Filtered vs Alkaline water.


If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between natural, premium alkaline water and filtered or bottled water, read on.


You’ve probably heard the old advertising slogan, “Oils ain’t oils.” Well, water ain’t water, either. In fact, filtered and alkaline waters can be as different as… well… oil and water. Here are two major reasons why:


  1. Each water’s journey from source to your system is different. If you're careful about what you put in your body, you've probably made the leap from tap water to filtered water. And that's a good thing because your average tap water in Australia travels miles through metal pipes of varying ages from a dam, reservoir or desalination plant to reach your home.


Along the way, it can pick up all sorts of bacteria, pollutants, pesticides, detergents and other nasties, which means it needs to be processed, distilled or filtered before it gets to you, essentially stripping most of its natural benefits.


By contrast, premium alkaline water is sourced from deep springs within the earth, crafted by Mother Nature over aeons to flush out toxins and acids in your body naturally. It's not polluted or processed. It's alive and full of the alkaline minerals your system needs to flourish.


  1. Filtered water contains more contaminants. We're used to trusting tap water in Australia – and it is among the very best tap water in the world. But the very processes commonly used to clean our tap water for safe consumption by humans also add other contaminants that can disrupt our bodies' cells and systems.


Added chlorine – widely used to disinfect and kill pathogens like giardia and e.coli that grow in reservoirs or on the walls of pipes and storage tanks – has been linked to disease and congenital disabilities. In fact, according to a recent study, drinking chlorinated water raises your risk of cancer up to 93%, compared to drinking unchlorinated water. Even bathing in chlorinated water can pose problems, as chlorine can enter your body through your eyes, skin, nose and ears. Many scientific studies show a possible link between aluminium and Alzheimer’s and fluoride has been linked to cancer, thyroid issues, skeletal issues and neurological problems.


Unfortunately, starting with a compromised water supply is problematic because most water filters don't filter out all these contaminants. If you regularly use a filter jug or pump at home, it’s likely your filtered tap water is essentially dead water – it’s far removed from its natural source and molecular structure. Filtered bottled water can be even worse, as processing is less stringent – which means more of the nasties get through. Plus the filters themselves can breed moulds and algae if not replaced often – and that can pose even more health issues. 


Because premium alkaline water is tapped from pristine sources, it’s exceptionally pure. As human health is a high priority for the best alkaline water producers, processing and bottling are the cleanest and most sustainable available on the planet. That's why its so effective at neutralising excess acidity created by unhealthy eating, stress and pollutants. Doing so, it lowers the inflammation that’s been shown to cause a wide range of chronic diseases from arthritis to IBD to cancer. 


Your body needs water to survive. But if you want to thrive, drink premium alkaline water.