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Is it safe to drink tap water?


It's not uncommon for discussions to arise these days on whether bottle is a better choice of water. As concerns around contamination and questionable supply tend to spark arguments, Australians (and the worldwide population) are often left wondering what way to turn.


While our water is a whole lot better than other sources across the globe, or even from sewerage, it's definitely not perfect. In some cases, it can even be a threat when significant amounts of chemicals are found in the supply. These days, chromium-6 is one of the top water pollutants that can be found in sources, as well as various levels of lead, mercury and arsenic (in extreme cases).


So what do you do? Everyone needs water, so how do you know whether it's safe enough to drink or not. From losing weight through to eliminating tiredness - you need this everyday essential in your life. Here's how to get it, without the nasties.


Think about the source


Water supplies are often hit with contaminants (such as chromium-6) because of waste that gets into these channels. That might mean manufacturing or agricultural waste, and this is also the reason why some areas can be more polluted than others.


The number one way to ensure you're opting for the better choice of water is to make sure you're choosing a source that is not regularly contaminated with this kind of waste, pollution or human activity. However, this is a tricky thing to prove.


Signs your tap water might be dangerous


If you reach for your household tap to quench your thirst, it's worth watching out for the following:

  • It should be clear with zero odour
  • There should be no funny after-taste
  • There may be an issue if it smells fishy or it appears cloudy. This usually indicates contamination.


When in doubt, opt for bottled water


As we've just said, proving whether your go-to source is really at the cleanest it could be is a hard thing to figure out or gather evidence around. Beyond this, you need to make sure your plumbing system is effectively maintained and able to produce a supply that's free from any harsh chemicals.


If you're ever feeling concerned about whether drinking your tap water is an okay path to take, we recommend choosing bottled water, like that available at Better Beverage Co. As water wholesalers in Australia, we know what it takes to provide a quality product that you should be able to enjoy each and every day - the way nature intended.