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Alkaline Spring Water available through Amazon Australia

Premium Alkaline Spring Water now available online through Amazon Australia.


Amazon Australia one of the worlds largest online shopping platforms. All our products are now available through on Amazon Australia. Better Choice Beverage Co. is proud to be affiliated with this iconic brand and is one of the leading online Grocery supplier of the Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring water brand. Go online today and order a box of Icelandic Glacial and enjoy the taste of Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water. 


Icelandic Glacial Spring Water, Sparkling Water, Icelandic Flavoured Sparkling Water with Zero Sugar, Eloa Premium Aloe Vera drinks and our Kombucha can all now be purchased through Amazon Australia. 


Features of Icelandic Glacial Spring Water:

  • Natural High Alkaline pH 8.4
  • Low Total Dissolved Solids 62 ppm
  • Sophisticated Packaging
  • First Carbon Neutral Beverage for Plant and Operations in the world
  • Multi award winning for Superior Taste & Quality and for Packaging
  • Christian Dior Partnership
  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Recyclable

For More information on our stockists in Australia contact Better Choice Beverage Co. on (02)9734-8753 or connect with us via email at and we’ll be in touch.