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What being water-bound means for Icelandic history and culture


For centuries, humanity has always explored ways to increase the longevity of our lifespans – be it in medical terms or spiritual senses. In some areas of the world, this has happened to some degree. For example, people in Iceland live approximately 30% longer than the rest of the population.


And the secret might just be in the water.


A commitment and reliance on water


In actual fact, our bodies are made of up of 75% water, meaning it’s only natural to crave it in order to progress and live healthily. When consumed in its purest form consistently, there have been thoughts that it can help to lengthen your lifespan altogether – a nod towards the positive way of living that the Icelanders have established. Because the land has one of the purest forms of water sources in the world, originating from the frozen glaciers, the liquid is incredibly low in harmful minerals. It also has an elevated rate of high natural oxygen, and sits at a very beneficial PH level, giving the body plenty of nutrients.


Why glacial water is better for your body


To date, tap water has typically included harmful chemicals – featuring antibiotics, arsenic and even contraceptives that often find their way into the mainstream. In comparison, Iceland’s water source originates from icebergs that have been frozen for well over a thousand years – from a time when the Earth was free from harsh, damaging pollution. The result consists of a different molecular structure than alternative water sources available on the markets today.


When consumed, the benefits to the body are significantly different. These advantages include:


Choosing to drink glacial water assists in the cleansing of your organs such as the liver and kidneys and protect them from possible infections.

Meanwhile, alkaline spring water maintains your body’s natural balance and reduces unnecessary chemicals and toxin intake.

In some cases, it’s even been noted to treat adverse skin conditions, such as eczema and dermatitis.

Glacial water also rapidly cools your body up to six times faster than tap water, enabling better ability to endure high daytime temperatures.


The culture behind the water


Well-renowned worldwide for its esteemed pure water and natural alkaline mineral sources, Iceland places a huge emphasis on its rich cultural history. This is also heavily inclusive of their natural water supply, particularly because of the land’s location and features.


The Nordic island’s glacial icebergs have evolved over the last few thousand years, creating a dense lore that the people have come to recognise as one of the most fundamental aspects of their Icelandic psyche. Water (either pure springs, thermal springs or glaciers) covers a mammoth 2,750 km of Iceland’s land mass, and there are over 10,000 waterfalls found within the country. On all sides, the island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.


Water is also both cherished and protected in Iceland by its population, and is even considered as a form of sacred medicine. With a long history of fishing for survival, and utilising the water source for natural healing, Icelanders have grown a healthy respect for their pure water source. The country is rich in Norse mythology and water deity legends, further displaying their extensive cultural history that embraces their springs and glaciers.


Despite the ongoing bouts of rain and snow storms, Icelanders make the most out of what their country offers them – rain, hail or shine. Currently today, the population enjoys their encompassing surroundings and participate in a variety of water-based activities – such as snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, glacier hiking and ice carving and climbing. 



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