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Sparkling Water Distributors Sydney


Iceland’s greatest natural resource has finally arrived in Australia. Better Choice Beverage Co. is the leading mineral water distributor of Icelandic Glacial Mineral Water nationally. Based in Sydney, we supply to a range of retailers, cafes, restaurants and liquor stores all over the country. With over 900,000 cubic meters of water overflowing from the Ölfus Spring into the ocean every day, it's one of the world's largest natural springs. The legendary Ölfus Spring was forged during a massive volcanic eruption over 5,000 years ago. Shielded by an impenetrable layer of lava rock and surrounded by a 128,000-acre exclusion zone, the spring is constantly replenished by a gradual filtration of rainfall and snowmelt over uninhabited and untouched lava fields.

Mineral Water Distributors


Better Choice Beverage Co. is the leading distributor of Icelandic Glacial in Australia with major retailers like Coles, Woolworths, 7-11 & Dan Murphy’s all now stocking this world-class beverage. The sophisticated packaging is a real stand out with its signature sculpted, glacier inspired bottleneck. Choose from high-grade PET bottles and sparkling water in glass bottles, with all labels, caps and cardboard packing all 100% recyclable.

The Icelandic Glacial Spring Water difference:

  • Natural High Alkaline pH 8.4
  • Low Total Dissolved Solids 62 ppm
  • Sophisticated Packaging
  • First Carbon Neutral Beverage for Plant and Operations in the world
  • Multi award winning for Superior Taste & Quality and for Packaging
  • Christian Dior Partnership
  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Recyclable

Alkaline water benefits:

  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Stronger immune support
  • Better absorption of minerals in the body
  • Clearer skin Detoxification and weight loss

The water we collect flows directly into a state-of-the-art bottling facility located right at the source, in Iceland at the edge of the Ölfus Spring. No nasty chemicals are added or taken away from the water. It’s pure goodness that is nothing short of exceptional.


Are you interested in becoming a stockist? Get in touch with our Sparkling Water Wholesalers in Sydney today - Better Choice Beverage Co. on (02) 9734-8753 or connect with us via email at and we’ll be in touch.