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Naturally vs artificially alkaline water: Why you should choose natural.


Drinking alkaline water can have some fantastic health benefits, including reducing acidity at a cellular level, regulating your pH levels, slowing down the ageing process and protecting you from chronic diseases.


It can also be instrumental in helping you lose weight, reduce the agony of acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems, keep your heart healthier, and decrease the length and recurrence of headaches.


But did you know that all alkaline waters aren’t created equal? Many commercially available alkaline waters are actually formed via a chemical process called electrolysis. And that can prove problematic for some people.


What is natural alkaline water?

In nature, when spring water flows over porous rocks, it can pick up a range of organic alkaline minerals that affect its pH levels. This naturally occurring – or living – alkaline water has a higher pH than tap water – typically a pH of 8 or 9 compared to tap water’s neutral pH of 7. This higher pH level means it can help neutralise unwanted acidity in your body.


But the real value of natural alkaline water for your health and wellbeing comes from the minerals transfused by the rocks in the spring. In fact, the World Health Organisation has cautioned against drinking alkaline water with a low mineral content – such as those created by artificial means. That’s because consuming artificial alkaline water every day can cause serious side effects.


Why artificial alkaline waters don’t cut the mustard.

The machines used to make water artificially alkaline through ionisation or electrolysis split apart the water’s molecules by running tap water over platinum and titanium plates to create a higher pH. Unfortunately, this replaces the naturally occurring mineral goodness with toxic traces of those metals while failing to remove tap water's famous cocktail of poisonous chemicals such as chlorine, fluorides, aluminium and sometimes pesticides.


Natural alkaline water tops up the health-boosting alkaline mineral reserves you’re born with and ingest through a balanced diet. Artificial alkaline water, on the other hand, depletes your body of these minerals by tricking your body into thinking it has enough alkalinity, which prompts it to release your reserve of alkaline minerals through the kidneys and out of your body. And that means you’ll ultimately end up deficient in these minerals, with your health suffering as a result.


Always choose naturally alkaline water.

The positive effects of the minerals inherent in natural living water for hydration, detoxification and overall wellbeing can’t be overstated. It’s always recommended that you drink living water sourced from spring or naturally occurring pools that have been promoting health organically for thousands of years. 


When looking for natural alkaline water, check the label carefully. A good rule of thumb is to look at the ingredients list – natural alkaline water will always feature high in terms of mineral content milligrams.


The good news is it’s now easier than ever to get in naturally occurring bottled alkaline water nowadays. Click here for stockists near you or source your wholesale bottled water from naturally alkaline water wholesalers today.